Mitigating Ammonia Emissions from Poultry Facilities for Fertilizers


This workshop is organized to provide poultry  producers and professionals with a systematic approach to managing ammonia emissions in poultry production. The most effective and innovative technologies for nitrogen conservation and recovery of NH3 emissions, including diet modification, manure additives, manure composing, and wet scrubbing of ammonia emissions, will be introduced. The manure composting and ammonia wet scrubbing technologies are very promising to minimize environmental impacts of poultry production and create valuable products of solid and liquid nitrogen fertilizer.

Ammonia (NH3) emissions have become a significant environmental and public concern as it impacts human health, the ecosystem, and promotes the formation of small aerosol particles (PM2.5) which is a human health hazard. The increased public concerns and air quality regulations make animal producers subject to regulator enforcement of NH3 emissions. In addition, as the price for nitrogen fertilizer increases there are concerns about the availability and price of nitrogen fertilizer for farming.

It is important to control NH3 emission on the farm as well as conserve nitrogen from food animal production facilities, especially poultry facilities. Ammonia recovery and nitrogen conservation will provide an opportunity for producers to enhance farm profitability and improve environmental quality.


1. Overview of NH3 mitigation BMPs and BATs (Dr. Lingying Zhao, The Ohio State University)
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2. Using diet modification and manure additives to reduce ammonia emission (Dr. Wendy Powers, Michigan State University)
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3. A manure additive to reduce NH3 emissions from poultry facilities (Richard Riddle, Pelican Solutions and Michael Bralkowski, GFS)
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4. New Day manure composting facilities for nitrogen conservation (Steve Bliesner, New Day Farms, LLC)
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5. Formulating enhanced efficiency fertilizers (John Moriarty, Nutrients Plus, LLC)
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6. OSU acid spray wet scrubber to recover NH3 emissions for nitrogen fertilizer (Lara Jane Hadlocon and Dr. Zhao, The Ohio State University)
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Virtual Tours

A. Wet Scrubber (Dr. Zhao)




B. Drying Compost (John Moriarty)


C. Static Compost Facility




Program Questions

For questions on this program, please contact Dr. Lingying Zhao at or 614-292-2366