Manure Storage Covers: Covers that Pay!


Increasing odor and air quality concerns have created significant difficulties for the viability and growth of the livestock and poultry industry and are becoming prominent issues in Ohio. Management of air emissions is a major challenge faced by Ohio's food animal producers. Effective mitigiation technologies are emerging, such as covers and digesters, however many of these technologies are cost prohibitive.

Through the carbon credit trading program, food animal producers can now receive payment for capturing methane emissions from their manure storage structures by installing covers. The carbon credit trading program supplies the food animal producers with a golden opportunity to obtain manure storage covers for free or reduced rates and also receive payment for maintaining the covers. The Manure Storage Covers Workshop is for food animal production professionals and producers to explore this new golden opportunity, obtain first-hand resource information for decision making, understand the additional benefits of manure storage covers and gain access to the organization offering the manure storage covers.


1. Overview of Carbon Markets (Jim Jensen, Environmental Credit Corp)
Speaker Bio | PPT Slides
2. USEPA Mandatory Reporting of GHGs (Lynn Beasley, USEPA)
Speaker Bio | PPT Slides | GHG Reporting | GHG Reporting Agriculture Guide | Manure Management GHG
3. CERCLA/EPCRA Administrative Reporting Exemption (Lynn Beasley, USEPA)
Speaker Bio | PPT Slides | CAFO Rule

4. Effects of Covers on Gas Emissions from Manure Storages (Dr. Lingying Zhao, The Ohio State University)
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5. Environmental Credit Corp's Program on Carbon Credits from Covered Manure Storages (Jim Jensen, Environmental Credit Corp)
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6. Additional Non-market Benefits of Manure Covers (Jon Rausch, The Ohio State University Extension)
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Program Questions

For questions on this program, please contact Dr. Lingying Zhao at or 614-292-2366