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This provides access to audiences that were not able to physically attend the Ohio State University Extension (OSUE) Agricultural Air Quality Workshops organized in the past and to serve as an online proceeding of the workshop presentations and multimedia educational materials. The overall objectives of the workshops are to introduce effective and mature air emission mitigation technologies (BATs) and best management practices (BMPs) for sustainable animal production.

Agriculture plays an important role in achieving sustainable energy and an environment because 52% of global anthropogenic methane (CH4) and 80% of ammonia (NH3) emissions are due to agricultural activities. In 2005, the U.S. EPA signed the air quality compliance agreement with AFOs and explicitly indicated that all AFOs will need to comply with the federal air quality regulations. Therefore, abatement of air emissions becomes imperative. The BATs and BMPs are ultimately needed by the animal industries to resolve the air emission problems. The OSUE Air Quality team has been conducting integrated research and extension programs with objectives to: 1) capture NH3 emissions to use as fertilizer instead of contaminating the ecosystems; 2) to capture CH4 to use as energy, as opposed to releasing it as a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) causing global warming; and 3) to abate dust emissions from farms. The research findings are disseminated through the workshops below.

Please explore the workshops at your own pace and do not forget to share your evaluation of the workshops. We rely on your feedback to improve the existing site and develop new workshops to meet your educational needs.

Mitigating Ammonia Emissions from Poultry Facilities for Fertilizers

Ammonia Emissions and Nitrogen Conservation

Manure Storage Covers: Covers that Pay!

Composting Bedded Pack Dairy Barns

Who Should Attend

  • Animal Producers
  • Allied Industry
  • Agriculture Agency Professionals
  • Extension Educators
  • Regulators

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